Self Defense For Every Woman To Practice

self defense for every woman

Sometimes we feel unsafe when a strange looking person is hanging around us. This is a natural feeling that stirs up defense mode. With the rate of rape and domestic violence on the increase, every female in Nigeria need to learn how to defend herself. Self defense is the defense of one’s person or interests, especially through the use of physical force, which is permitted in certain cases as an answer to a charge of violent crime. Every female in Nigeria deserve the right to defend herself from predators. However, placing yourself intentionally in a vulnerable situation and then trying to defend yourself is not the wisest thing to do. Hence, the first thing you need to have in mind is staying safe. Before the self defense moves, here are a few tips on how to keep you and your loved ones safe:

  • Avoid walking in the dark, especially in an isolated and unfamiliar area
  • Keep a big dog at home
  • Take cover when you hear a gun shot
  • Never keep a spare keep outside
  • Get an alarm system. Though this is not common in Nigerian homes.
  • Turn on your outside door light and always close your window blinds/curtains.
  • Always lock your doors
  • Have an emergency plan for every situation
  • Call someone if you feel you are not safe and try to change location
  • Take self defense lessons

Self-defending yourself

Physical self defense is the use of physical force to counter an immediate threat of violence. It is important to confirm if your attacker is armed or unarmed. Also, you have to compare your physical strength with that of the attacker.

Self defense when the attacker is armed

Please and please, when someone is armed, especially with gun, do not try to escape. You do not understand the attacker’s state of mind. Try as much as possible to comply. I can recall a reported armed robbery incident that happened in Amuwo part of Lagos state, Nigeria. A man tried to attack an armed robber, not knowing that the armed robber was not alone. In fact, they were 3 more members around, all armed. He successfully hit the gun off the robber’s hand, but the other robbers shot him immediately.

So do not try to be a heroine when the oppressor is armed, especially with gun.

Self defense when the attacker is not armed

The following self defense moves can be practiced to perfection, and then used when an attacker is not armed. Please don’t go about looking to trouble just to apply the steps. Ehn! Lol

  1. Give a straight punch  self defense woman straight punch

Once you have identified and confirmed the person is a threat and is making you uncomfortable, a straight punch could do the trick of creating ample space and time for you to run away or strike again if it was not very effective. Fold you fit tight and aim at the eye, nose or throat for an effective blow.



  1. Kick his groin with your leg self defense kick his groin

Awwch, that will definitely hurt any man. Keep a little distance that is long enough for your leg to kick, and then strike. Kick him as hard as possible, as if your leg is a cutlass that can cut him through into 2, from his groin up to his head. After this stoke, return your leg back immediately and run away.






  1. Kick his groin with your knee self defense knee kick his groin

The first 2 moves work better when there is a little distance between the attacker and you. Here, you can kick with your knee when the attacker is very close to your body. Since he is very close, you have to kick that groin with all your strength so he can let go. If you don’t do it right, he will figure out your move and that will not be good.





  1. Getting out a hug grip self defence bear hug grip

Sometimes men attack women by griping them round in form of a full hug. What you can do here is to lower your height, as if you want to squat. Forcefully lift yourself up to hit him with you head to his face, and then apply any of the above moves, punch or kick groin. You could also try to lower your height and pull one of his legs for both of you to fall, and then kick his groin. If you are on heel shoes, step on his toes really hard for him to leave you alone then move to his back to kick his groin really hard before running away.


  1. When the attacker tries to choke you  self defence choking a womans neck

If the attacker tries to press your neck, naturally we will want to remove his hands from the neck. This might not work because he may be more powerful.  Instead, gather the tips of your finger together as if you want to pick something with your entire finger. It will make both of your hand to look like the beak of a bird. Pull out your both hands separately and forcefully hit the eyes of your attacker or his throat. This must be done extremely fast, in a split of 3 to 5 seconds; else you will go out of oxygen and pass out.


You see more of this on

Please, don’t go about looking for trouble with these moves. Instead, stay out of wahala and only apply them when you are attacked without arms.

Stay safe!

Kelechi Okoh

I am part time blogger, full time digital marketing specialist, software tester, data analyst, researcher, a super mom and a female in Nigeria. Follow us on Facebook @femalesinnigeriablog Instagram @femalesinnigeriablog Twitter @femalesinnaija

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