Anne-Marie Imafidon – Honored By Queen of England at Age 26

  • Anne-marie imafidin honored by the QueenAnne-Marie Osawemwenze Ore-Ofe Imafidon MBE (born 1990) is a British computing, mathematics and language child prodigy. Anne-Marie was born in England in 1990. Her father, Chris Imafidon, is an ophthalmologist who emigrated to London, and her mother is Ann Imafidon. She and her 3 younger siblings, Christina and twins Peter and Paula, are child prodigies, breaking age records in educational attainments.

Anne-Marie is one of the youngest to pass two GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) in two different subjects while in primary school. She passed two GCSE Examinations (in Mathematics and Information technology) at the age of 11. Imafidon founded and became CEO of Stemettes in 2013, a social enterprise promoting women in STEM careers, and was honored with an MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) in 2016 for services to Young Women and STEM Sectors as part of the 2017 New Year’s Honors List, aged 27.

Anne-Marie began school at St Saviour Church of England Primary School in Walthamstowe, London, and could speak six languages by the age of 10. Imafidon studied at the Lyceum Institute of Technology in East Ham, London, where she became the youngest person ever to obtain a qualification [clarification needed] in Information Technology. At age 10 she won a scholarship to the private School St Joseph’s Convent School in Reading, a year younger than usual.

At 13, in 2003, she received a British scholarship to study mathematics at Johns Hopkins University. At 15, in 2005, she was admitted a degree program by the University of Oxford. At 17, she started a master’s degree at Oxford University and, at 19 in June 2010, she became the youngest ever graduate with a master’s degree.

Anne-Marie said she was ‘surprised’ and ‘honored’ to be included. “It’s a well done and thank you to my team, our volunteers and those who have taken us seriously over the last 4 years. This is humbling and a sign of what is to come. Inclusivity in the sector and across society is important for all of us – it’s an honor in itself to do the work we do.”

Females in Nigeria are very proud of you Anne. Thanks to you and your family, “the smartest family in the United Kingdom” for making Nigerians super proud and for reminding us that females can also excel in mathematics.

Anne-marie imafidon

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